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4 Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

After you identify the true mission, outcome and core competencies of the role you are hiring for, it is key to hiring the right candidate for the job to develop a consistent interview process. Methodical interviewing helps you acquire important background information that may reveal behavioral patterns you might need to coach and manage through.

We drew from our experience in recruiting short- and long-term employees across industries to gather these four suggestions to help you identify the right person for your team.

1. Set Clear and Honest Expectations

Explain the expectations for the role to each candidate. Be explicit about what success looks like in the short- and long-term. It is equally important to clarify day-to-day tasks they will be working on, details of their weekly schedule, and how the quality of their performance is measured.

2. Get a Second Opinion from a Peer

Include a peer in the second or third interview to observe how the candidate interacts with others and have them review the candidate’s application and resume. They might notice something you didn’t.

3. Call their References

My favorite interview question that I learned from Bradford Smart’s “Topgrading” method is, “What would your previous manager say about you if I called them?” Both listed and unlisted references can reveal a lot about the person you are interviewing by providing an opportunity to talk about their strengths as well as learning opportunities.

4. Go with Your Gut

Chemistry is important. Listen to what your gut is telling you about your next hire!

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